Finance for Vehicle Repairs

We realise that sometimes a car can breakdown at the worst time. The unexpected cost of repairing your vehicle can often be inconvenient or in some cases make a repair infeasible.

Our flexible finance packages on repairs costing in excess of £200 means that you can pay for the repair in much more manageable chunks.

Rather than paying in a lump sum, you can pay the cost of the repair off over a period of 3-18 months in monthly installments.

We believe our ability to offer this service is truly unique, and it's just part of our ongoing commitment to making our customer's life easier!

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Don't want to pay for a repair in a lump sum?

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Finance Facts

  • Low Typical APR from just 9%
  • Flexible repayment plans lasting between 3 and 18 months
  • Credit available on repairs in excess of £200
  • Payments made monthly

Example Repairs

  • Head gasket repair
  • Clutch replacement
  • Gearbox replacement
  • Exhaust replacement

Quick Info

  • Benley Automotive
    Unit A1
    North Cheshire Trading Estate
    Prenton Way, Wirral
    CH43 3DU
  • Phone: 0151 601 3359
  • Company Number: 08193330
    VAT No.: 144312054

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